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Character Information

Character Name: Ludwig (Prince Lui)
Canon: Ludwig Kakumei
Canon-Point: End of the series.
Age: 19
History: While the history section here is short, it gives a quick and concise summary of the story and Lui’s involvement in it that befits Ludwig Kakumei’s periodic style of story-telling.

Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, there was a King who didn’t get along with his son. At all. In order to end their daily quarrels it was decided that the Prince was to serve the country by marrying the Princess of the neighboring kingdom. (It was more to put an end to the Prince’s womanizing and his habit of bringing unsuitable women into the castle, really.) The Prince didn’t feel like marrying at such a young age, but since it was said that the Princess was really really hot and had big boobs he set out and soon returned with Princess Snow White (here known as Blanche Neige). Unfortunately the Princess turned out to be a cunning Lolita who had nothing better to do but to seduce the King and stage the bloody demise of her parents as well as a war against her home-country. Unfortunately for Blanche, the Prince wasn’t your gorgeous-but-stupid everyday prince, either. Oh no. Not only was he very intelligent and cunning himself, but also an egoistic narcissist – and necrophiliac. When Princess Blanche visited him in his personal chambers, the prince’s collection of dead female bodies soon increased by one. ...a truly loving fiancée should not try to shoot her beloved only because he has seen through her plans, after all. At the end of the story the Prince is seen setting his collection (now 1) on fire while telling his servant to fetch the horses since he needs to find himself a new bride. The name of this Prince is Prince Ludwig.(short: Lui)

This is only the beginning of Ludwig´s wild chase for a fitting princess for him to marry. Traveling through the country, Ludwig and his servant Wilhelm encounter many princesses and other figures from Grimm´s fairy tales, but none of them are as perfect as the fairy tales make them out to be. Some are crazy, some are naïve, some are just plain murderous (and some are already taken, but the prince never cares about that).


Prince Ludwig, commonly better known as Prince Lui, can be easily described as a perfect prince if one goes by first impressions only. He’s of noble birth, wealthy and is as intelligent as he is handsome. Nobody said anything about Lui being nice, though. The Prince is arrogant, a natural born sadist who considers having his own torture chamber under his private rooms an interesting hobby, a narcissist, selfish, arrogant, manipulative, very straight spoken and more honest than most people can stomach. In addition he is also a womanizer with a fetish for big breasts and dresses like a medieval visual kei. During the story Ludwig often helps out others, but it always turns out to be in his own interest in the end. (If it isn’t already blatantly obvious right from the beginning.) As a rule of thumb one can be sure that Lui being nice to you means one of the following things: a) he’s being sarcastic or wants to make an idiot out of you, b) he has a higher, selfish goal in mind and is using you to get there or c) he wants in your pants (this applies only for pretty young girls).

At first glance Lui seems almost insultingly flippant about everything. He has a notorious habit of putting things as he likes them, refusing to listen to anyone, remembering girls by their bust size alone and taking everything at his own pace, even if the palace is burning around him. This flippancy and *cough*eccentricity*cough* often makes it hard to tell when he is serious about something or not, much to the chagrin of those around him, especially for his most loyal and abused servant Wilhelm. (Usually the more outrageous the ideas are, the more serious you can expect Lui to be about them. Examples encompass him deciding to accept the witch that chased them through three tales as their companion once she proposed to cosplay as a sexy maid during her stay, entertaining necrophilia as a hobby (only displayed during the first chapter) or asking too many girls to count to marry him – including Rapunzel who had just become a mother of two just to get one over the childrens father.)

At a second glance Lui is a bully of the worst kind, arrogant, brutal and selfish, who has all the skills and (political) power to make good on any of his words and force his whims on anyone – usually expecting them to just accept them and go along with it because he’s prince Lui and good-looking to boot. He is way more intelligent and observant than he lets on, which makes dealing with him doubly frustrating as he usually not only refuses to explain any of his demands (he sent Will searching for another king’s kidnapped ‘lover’ by having him run over countless fields carrying a bag full of bananas, not telling anybody that the ‘lover’ in question was the king’s beloved pet-elephant) but also loves making idiots out of others. That Lui is as ruthless as he’s shameless makes him also quite dangerous – during the story he has killed without remorse and also repeatedly had no problem watching people get injured or even killed even though he could have prevented it because he ‘was just a bystander and wanted to know how the story ends’.

At a third glance Lui is …actually a person and not the worst beneath the arrogant façade and the ludicrous monster. In rare cases Ludwig will show that despite his loudly proclaimed shallowness he is actually very down to earth regarding his views on life and everything but oblivious about his own situation and that of the others. This probably shows best in the ways he interacts with the people who are special to him:

First there is Wilhelm (short: Will), Lui’s loyal servant since childhood, who was forced to accompany the prince on his journey. Even though Lui constantly keeps abusing Wilhelm with unreasonable orders and treats him like some pet-dog all the time he still admits that Will is important to him and that he felt lonely before he met him. (But not without adding that Will is also a wonderful punching bag, easy to trick, very loyal and durable.) One could say that Lui protects the rather simple Wilhelm who is just too good for this world, in a very very sadistic way. One could also say that Lui just likes using and abusing the poor guy and doesn’t like to share his toys, though. The second person to join Lui´s royal suite is the masochistic witch Dorothea, who was taken in by Lui´s punishment and interrogation skills. Several chance encounters later, she was allowed to tag along (cosplaying as a ´sexy maid´ and causing some magical madness every once in a while). Last but not least there is also the professional hit man Red Riding Hood, who has been following the prince ever since he tricked her into slaughtering her own family, but whose presence Lui still regularly keeps forgetting because her breasts are too small for him to remember – which doesn’t keep him from saving her life or hiring her at times. Out of all the Princesses he has met Lui’s experience with Princess Idike of briar castle is the most noteworthy, as he freed her of her self-imposed curse despite knowing that she wouldn’t survive her hundred year long slumber and for whom he had developed feelings of true love despite her being quite the opposite of what he constantly claims to be looking for in a woman. Idike’s story is probably the most striking example of Lui risking his life and ignoring his needs in favor of helping somebody else with no gains attached. Once Lui considers you a person he’ll risk his own (and others’) head(s) without hesitation, no matter what rank you are or what things you have done.

Another thing all these people have in common is that Lui allows them to interact with him all in the same way; they can address him on a familiar level with his nickname without any problems and even argue with him the way friends would quarrel over things despite any differences in rank. It’s safe to say that Lui’s greatest positive skill is his knack for making people feel accepted just the way they are (most likely because Lui is the way he is all the time, expects nothing of them and seriously, you can’t get much worse than that prince, so it’s fine to relax and just be yourself.)

This is a good thing, since Lui’s overwhelming confidence and sheer refusal to acknowledge his being as human and mortal as anybody else doesn’t only help him to get away with a lot more than should be sanely allowed, but also repeatedly gets him into situations that range from plain out crazy up to outright dangerous and life-threatening which he often only survives unscathed due to others caring or feeling indebted to him. Examples for this are how he found his way into the briar castle (went over well), how he ended up cast in the roles of the frog king and the fairy godmother (crazy) or how it came to be that Lui starred as Bluebeard’s last bride (ended catastrophically).

While Lui is ruthless he refuses to gain any happiness at the cost of other people’s (he has no problem attempting to steal a bride from an arranged marriage, but will step aside if real love is in the play) and while he doesn’t do pity, he takes royal responsibility to the people of a country quite seriously and hates feeling indebted to people. Besides this he is also quite aware about how people judge him by his looks and rank only and has no qualms using their assumptions for his own means. He also doesn’t expect any love to be in his marriage (or anywhere else), but if he already has to marry or stay exiled forever, then his bride should at least be pretty and have big breasts. Oh, and it'd be good if she could last longer than one chapter for once.


Being an ordinary (although he himself would call himself everything but ordinary) human, Lui possesses neither magical nor any other kind of super powers. Things that might be noteworthy, in bullet-point form:

*his confidence/ego (the way he wields it makes it a force to be reckoned with)
*his athleticism (you’d be amazed how fast he can scale a wall in full visual kei regalia after he sees a pretty girl, or, in a similar vein, how hard his kicks can be if he’s pissed)
*his big boob radar (so-called), ‘used’ twice in canon, once to reveal that Dorothea isn’t an old hag as was claimed and once to out Prince Julius’ true gender.
*good education as fit for a prince. Science, esp. political knowledge, making people do what you want, some skill of warfare, weapon-use and the like
*he’s especially good with using guns, whips and torture instruments (Don’t ask. Just... Don’t ask.)

- the clothes he is wearing (including valuable trinkets/jewelry and the like)
- an old fashioned gun


[1st person network post]

[The mirror zones in to show the face and upper body of a young man with amazing looks and a startling sense of dress that somehow encompasses making a leopard-print jacket look good. Lui’s handsome features pull into a sexy smile that betrays that he knows exactly how he must look and is quite used to doing things this way.]

Greetings, people of this place. I am Ludwig, the Prince of a certain foreign country. No need to say which one.

Due to circumstances I seem to have lost my personnel. One’s a 65G cup maid who looks and acts as if she’s missing plenty of screws in her head and the other’s an idiot who can be fooled very easily. [and he’s forgetting his ‘companion’ number three because a hit woman who’s after your head is just not memorable enough when she's as flat as a board. Sorry Red Riding Hood.]

If you meet the easy fool, tell him that he still needs to pick up my things and do CPR on that dwarf who fainted back where those glass coffins are. …and if you meet the G cup, tell her that she can jump in the lake and stay there for all I care. I don’t appreciate her getting us lost in a kingdom that apparently doesn’t even have any sexy princesses.

[ 3rd person prose]

It would have been an understatement to say that Lui wasn’t in the best of moods as he made his way through the woods with all the grace and purpose of a person truly lost and not caring one bit about it.

To think that such an ugly old fart had attempted to kiss him…! The memory of the cruel fate that he had escaped by just a hair’s width made Lui shudder in disgust again. First that crossdresser of his ‘so-called’ stepbrother and now an unshaven dwarf… As if he’d kiss another man! Now, if it had been a gorgeous buxom beauty with at least D cups… Then he would have let her kiss him right away and where and whenever she wanted. (Not really, but at least if it had suited him he would have let her.)

Shaking those thoughts off with a sigh Lui flipped his hair over his shoulder like a real diva and kept on walking, a mildly murderous look of deep displeasure on his face. That neither Will nor Dorothea had felt the need to show up yet silently worried him a bit, although he was sure that those two wouldn’t get into any too big messes that they could drag him into this time. Will was a helplessly nice, naïve fool who was easily exploited, but he was loyal to Lui above all else and if anybody knew how robust the servant was, then it was Lui. Dorothea on the other hand… Hell alone knew where that crazy maso-witch could have run off to (hell, he didn’t even remember when they had lost her en-route again!) and what kind of chaos she was causing with her shady magical hijinks once more. Deciding that he couldn’t care less any way and that she’d just return by herself in time Lui kept going until he suddenly saw something truly unique.

It was a thing straight out of fairy tales, shining white and of ageless grace as it shyly browsed wild herbs on a small clearing not far away from the prince. Lui’s eyes widened in shocked disbelief as he took in the perfectly curved horn and the radiance of pureness that surrounded the creature.

…then he pulled his pistol and took aim at the unicorn. That pelt and horn had to be worth a future which meant that they’d make for good bribes, and even if not it’d still make for an interesting trophy.


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